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We are the Community Treehouse Center Inc. with our partners the Manistique Block Club (200-300 block) and Community Partners working together on this Treehouse project. Our mission is to help our children gain mental and physical well-being as well as a well-rounded view of life with an understanding of their environment and culture. We will empower the kids with independence, and collaboration skills. Our Organization with our block club takes pride in the community and it's safety. We welcome any organizations and community groups who is interested in teaching our children to be well rounded in culture, environment, the arts, business, integrity, healthy eating, greening and growing, any issue of mental well-being. Jeff Berger- Community Member & Treehouse Builder (not pictured)


Tammy Black President, project leader & Grant writer

My name is Tammy Black, the creator of this Treehouse project.  I am a 54 year old mother of 6 kids. Yes! my house is the house where all the kids love to be, to eat, play, and just to talk to me about issues or just daily life. I have been living in this neighborhood of Jefferson/Chalmers for 5 years. I love this neighborhood because everyone is committed to making it a good place to live for everyone. It is something about being close to nature that I feel helps us all to release some of our anxiety. What better place for kids and young adults to develop their creativity and gain a positive peace of mind. I have been an advocate for kids all my whole life. I always loved to help the kids that no one felt would succeed. I felt the children needed to be heard and understood. The Treehouse will be a place without judgement and allowing individuals to be themselves with a focus on what their interest are and how they can develop them. My hope is that they will gain life long friendships. This Treehouse is not just for the kids on the block of Manistique, but it is for all children, adults, veterans, and families in the metro area.


Betty Mills, Secretary and Vice PresidenT & Project overseer

I have been a resident of the Jefferson-Chalmers community for over 40 years and I am a member of the Manistique Block Club. The Treehouse project is an excellent venue that will create an environment for our children to enrich their education by enhancing their social, economic and life skills


Siobhan Gregory,community member & treehouse/landscape designer

I am an industrial designer and applied anthropologist and my work focuses on the progress of human-centered design and collaborative design. Professionally, I use anthropological theory and methods to help organizations form deep and meaningful connections with their customers and stakeholders through culturally informed product development, service innovations, and brand direction. I am also a Senior Lecturer in the areas of industrial design and design research at Wayne State University. I moved to Jefferson Chalmers in the fall of 2012, after meeting some local community leaders who shared my values of community building through gardening and local food production. For the last few years, I have had the honor of working with grassroots community leaders in Jefferson Chalmers to help design and plan equitable and relevant spaces and events. I strive to support people and projects that foster equality, accessibility, and that reflect the spirit of this wonderful and kind community of people. The Manistique Street Treehouse project is important to me because it’s mission is one of inclusive healing, and building human connections through nature and the environment. 




Kimberly Dillenbeck, Block Club Member

Hi my name is Kimberly Dillenbeck. I I'm a resident of the 200 Manistique Block Club. The treehouse will be a great asset to our community and for the mentally disabled children and teenagers of the Lower Eastside welcoming other communities. I believe if you help fund our treehouse it would be a great place of learning and communication skills for these individuals. Thank You in advance and please give generously so we can share a place of healing for all kids and young adults, Thank You very much.


Karl Schachter,Inventory monitor & Block Club Member

Hey, I'm Karl Schachter.  I live on the 200 block of Manistique, 48215. I've lived here since 2007, and I've seen my neighborhood change for the better.  Good neighbors and good families live here. We look out for one another. 

The efforts of the Manistique Block Club has raised everything up here and can be seen with the way the neighborhood is kept up.  It can be seen in the Manistique Community Garden. It can be seen in the plans for the tree-house project that is being planned for the children and the community in general. Please support the efforts for the Community Treehouse Center.  Thank you.