Manistique Kids Community Treehouse Center Wants You!

If you are interested in making this project a reality, please take a moment to answer the questions below and email:


*First Name
*Last Name
Birth-date/Age (if minor)
*Address (City, State, Zip)
*Phone Number
Alternate Number
Email Address
Organization (if any)
Emergency Contact Name
Emergency Contact Phone Number

We are looking for volunteers throughout the week in the following time slots:
"or just let us know what works for you"



What type of work volunteer services are you interested in from the list below? 
Mention all that apply

1. Landscaping
2. Carpentry
3. General Organizing
4. Grant Writing
5. Event Planning
6. Fundraising
7. Business Networking
8. Marketing
9. Handyman
10. Cleaning
11. Gardening
12. Clerical
13. Painting
14. Art Creations
15. Blogging
16. Tech/IT/Internet
17. Public Relations
18. Other