My name is Jonathan Hall I am 16 years old,  I have a love for helping to build houses and commercial properties with Mr. Jeff Berger’s Company, which has given me the opportunities to learn how to drywall,  building foundations and other interesting things. I will continue to learn these skills by helping to build the 400 sq foot Treehouse.  I have also learned gardening by helping out in our Manistique Community Garden. Why the treehouse is important to me is because it will be a place where I can be myself and learn the things that I am interested in that empower me to succeed.



My name is Candace Anthony I am 21 years old. The Treehouse to me means a place where I can learn new skills, and I love to do art and this will be a place I will get mentoring and work on my writing and reading skills. I love to talk with other people this will be a place where I can make new friends. I am looking to learn how to start my own nail business.



My name is Corey Johnson I am 10 years old. The Treehouse will be a place where I can learn about gardening, art, and talking to my friends. I am interested in learning how to start my own business selling my drawings and paintings.

The Manistique Community Garden

The Manistique Community Garden



Hi my name is Asia Black. The Treehouse will be a place where I can go and use my creative side. I will continue to help in the gardens with others. I would like to gain more gardening skills and gain skills to become a project leader for the Treehouse youth team.

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I am a resident of Jefferson-Chalmers community and I grew up on Manistique. I look forward to the Treehouse as a place for me to have some quiet time and visit with other kids in the community.

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I grew up on Manistique and there had not been many kids; but in recent years there have been a influx of kid's moving into our community and I believe the Treehouse is symbolic to the new community that we are forging.



My Name is Anthony Johnson I am 25 years old. To me the Treehouse means to me a place to learn new skills and practice on the job training, helping in the garden or cleaning in the treehouse.  I like to dance and sing. The Treehouse will also be a place where I can be me. I am interested in start my own business and talking to people.